Project West

704 El Rancho Dr.
El Cajon, CA 92019

Monthly Housing Fee Range: $850 to $1200

Vacancy: Please Call

Housing Information

Number of Beds in House: 23
Number of Rooms in House: 10
Types of Rooms: Shared Rooms
Operator/On-Site Manager Availability: Operator or Onsite Manager lives on-site
Types of Participants Accepted: Males Only, Justice-involved


Meals Provided: No
Meals Served: 0
Meals Self-Served: 0
Bed Linens Provided: Yes
Hygiene Packet Provided: Yes
Hygiene Packet Includes: Basic packet upon request
Laundry: Laundry available to housing participants at no extra charge
Laundry supplies/soap provided free of charge: No
Additional Amenities: Internet, Telephone, Cable ready TV, Entertainment Options (books, movies, games etc.)
Pets: No

Accessibility and Convenience

Distance to Nearest Bus Stop: 1/4 miles
Bus Stop Location: 3rd St & Madison Ave
Distance to Nearest Convenience Store: 1/4 miles
Housing Access/Walkability: Easy access to house; no hills or stairs

Additional Details/Description

The recovery residence is spacious, provides a private space for private meetings with providers, and there is a large pool for recreational use. For more info on Project West, visit

RRA Membership Information

RRA Member Since: 12/2020
Date of Last Peer Review: 5/31/2022
RRA Involvement: Membership Course, Odom Wellness Center Partner*
Additional Qualifications: n/a