Collaborative Partners

We determine and measure outcomes through a collaborative effort with partners in the community and with the engagement of recovery residence members and residents.

The Recovery Residence Association (RRA) works to determine programmatic outcomes through a collaborative effort with community partners and Recovery Residence operators and residents.

Examples of such efforts are listed below:

Work Team

The goal of the RRA Work Team is to increase the quality of Recovery Residences in San Diego County and to maintain a focus on the whole-person approach to recovery. There is representation from Behavioral Health Services, housing policy consultation, legal consultation, public safety groups, recovery residence operators, and treatment providers.

Outcome Measurement Group (OMG)

The goal of the OMG is to measure programmatic outcomes and impact and to detail lessons learned each fiscal year. The OMG is a shared collaboration between Community Health Improvement Partners, RRA, and Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH), which also helps to provide advocacy efforts.

Peer Review Accountability Team (PRAT)

The goal of the PRAT is to establish a mechanism to ensure the quality of each recovery residence on an annual basis, in addition to providing improvement assistance when necessary. PRAT members consist of RRA employees, RRA operators, RRA residents, and community partners

Community Partner

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