Recovery Residence Association Quality Standards

Recovery Residences are shared housing for adults with a Substance Use Disorder. The purpose of the RRA is to provide recovery residence operators, housing participants and the community with tools and resources to promote high-quality recovery residences.

The RRA Work Team developed the RRA Quality Standards, including the attributes and indicators outlined below as best practices for recovery residences.

Seven attributes of a quality recovery residence:

  • A living environment focused on the whole-person approach to recovery

  • Clean, safe and well-maintained residence

  • A clear statement of policies is made available to individuals and clearly explained before signing a housing agreement

  • Clear process for handling individual grievances and opportunities for individuals to positively influence their environment

  • An environment that respects the privacy of the individual

  • An environment free of any type of abuse or discrimination that requires all individuals to be treated with dignity, consideration and respect

  • Well informed operators and on-site managers